Event Calendar

  1. Case Study Writing Workshop, to be organized in Prague, Czechia as 4 day event in the period 19 – 23 of June 2023
    This is the first step in reaching out to the project’s desired outcomes and key activity to be able to commit to Case Studies and Teaching Notes writing. It will allow for a unified approach to the selection of topics and entrepreneurs. Moreover, it will enable people to bond and cooperate closer in the process of text development that follows up after this activity. Meeting and trusting the professor from EKOS will also be beneficial as they will be at to the writers along the whole case writing process.
  2. Case Studies Testing in Classroom, to be organized in all 4 countries in the period 15 of February – 15 of March 2024
    This activity is of crucial importance for the quality and applicability in the classroom environment for the cases and will be used to fine-tune and improve the content in the case studies and accordingly plan and project the time needed to deliver the case in the classroom. The teachers and the project staff that will develop the case studies will have the opportunity to test the case studies in the classroom according to the developed teaching notes. The feedback from the classroom will help fine-tune the text according to the intended learning outcomes. At the end of the class delivered by using the case based method, all student will fill a short online questionnaire to give the developers precise guidelines how to improve the case study to meet the intended outcomes and take aways from the business case.
  3. Teacher Dissemination Training, to be organized in all 4 countries in the period 15 – 19 of April 2024
    The aim of the training is to improve the skills of the teacher for use of the case based teaching method but also to popularize the Visegrad Entrepreneurial Stars and encourage them to use the skills. The aim of the 1-day training is dissemination of the project materials including the teaching by case method delivered by the creators of the case studies in each project country.
  4. Gala Hybrid Event – Promotion of the Visegrad Entrepreneurial Stars, to be organized in Skopje, North Macedonia in the period 6 – 10 of May 2024
    The Gala Hybrid Event will be organized to promote the e-Book of Business Case Studies – Visegrad Entrepreneurial Stars and e-Book of Teaching Notes in North Macedonia to promote and popularize the Visegrad success stories to local stakeholders. The event will send a crucial message of support of V4 to the Western Balkans regional countries and promote culture of doing business in partner countries. It will provide the needed visibly of Visegrad Fund locally and regionally. This activity will crown the efforts of the team and will further stimulate the utilization of case teaching method in educational process by giving a credit to it.