Board of Directors

Gjorgi Kushevski

Chair of the Board

Gjorgji has more than 20 years’ experience in education, entrepreneurship and workforce development. His professional career begins in 1993 as an IT engineer. In 1994 he continues with his career as a teacher in technical vocational school. Since 1998, he has been working as education and workforce development specialist in several EU and USAID funded projects, designing and implementing activities focused on workforce development, entrepreneurship, career counselling and increasing employability skills in youth.  Using his extensive experience in education, industry and the labor market, Gjorgji has developed several manuals and training programs for teachers, students and professional trainers and delivered numerous workshops. His formal education includes MA in Management and BA in Engineering. Gjorgji currently works as Director of CEED HUB Skopje.

Bastri Bajrami

Member of the Board

Bastri has completed a pedagogical faculty at the St. Climent University in Skopje. He is successful businessman with vast experience in the business sector more than 20 years. Being entrepreneur himself he is spreading entrepreneurial spirit among its colleagues and co-workers. He considers entrepreneurship education as a tool for young people to get ready for their jobs. He was a mayor of the Municipality of Aracinovo (2009-2013) in Skopje.

Nita Starova

Member of the Board

Nita works for more than 10 years as Programme Coordinator & Finance Manager at Friedrich Ebert Foundation Office in North Macedonia. She is experienced in the projects dedicated to civic participation and activism, social dialogue and regional cooperation in the Western Balkans and promotes projects guided by the basic values of Foundation: social democracy, freedom, justice, solidarity and international dialogue. She is active in Foundation’s programs in North Macedonia that contribute to the quality of political analysis and discussion in the area of politics, social dialogue, education and gender issues.

Saso Simjanovski

Member of the Board

Sasho has more than 10 years’ experience in IT sector. His professional career begins in 2002, when he was engaged as State adviser for Economy, IT and Telecommunications at the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. In 2008 he continues his career in TTK bank becoming responsible for the implementation of the bank’s security control of all levels as Information Security Manager and Chief for Protection Data. Using his extensive knowledge and experience, he is providing trainings for employees dealing with the regulations concerning the protection of personal data. He has bachelor degree in Customs and Transportation management.

Ljupka Naumovska

Member of the Board

Ljupka is an entrepreneur, professor and activist for woman rights.   Her professional and academic career is assistant professor at the Faculty of marketing at University of tourism and management in Skopje, lecturing subjects in the field of marketing with focus on digital marketing. Her academic research focus is marketing to children and sexual objectification of women in advertising. She is a founder and manager of marketing and PR agency Honeybiz   – Integrated Marketing Communications. She has experience in projects in the field of IT, social entrepreneurship, politics, FMSG, fashion and NGO’s. She is communication expert and consultant in field of Political PR, and communication and marketing outsource expert. Ljupka is an activist in several international woman leadership organizations. She has initiated, organized and participated in many gender related conferences, projects and campaigns. She is continually working on corporate social responsibility projects and philanthropic movements. She holds the national award woman – manager of the year and certificate for brilliant entrepreneur program of Dutch Government.

Vlado Dimovski

Member of the Board

Vlado has great knowledge of education system in our country and education of students. His professional career as Teacher in Macedonian language begins in 2006 in primary school “Draga Stojanovska”, Municipality of Sopishte in Skopje. During his career he has established and managed the Center for Inter-ethnic Tolerance and Refugees in Skopje. He was part of many trainings, seminars and workshops on the topic of education, employment and inter-ethnic tolerance.  In 2017 he was appointed as Counselor for primary and secondary education within the Ministry of education and science of Republic of Macedonia until his retirement. His formal education includes BA in Macedonian language (Faculty of Philology-Skopje).

Fidan Stoimenov 

Member of the Board

Fidan became part of the Junior Achievement program from 2019 – through the Innovation Camp in Delchevo. As part of the winning team at the National Student Company Competition, Fidan also participated in the Company of the year competition organized by Junior Achievement Europe, held in Lille, France in 2019. As a third-year student at the Faculty of Information Science and Computer Engineering, he has won first place in the hackathon to fight the gray economy, as well as the award for best website. As one of the founders of the Junior Achievement Macedonia Alumni Club, and its active member, Fidan contributes to further networking of young people, as well as their informal education. 

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