About us

Junior Achievement Macedonia (JAM) was founded in October  2017. as one of 123 Members of Junior Achievement Worldwide (www.jaworldwide.org), which encourages and helps young people for future jobs. Through trainings, preparation for financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship, creates employment pathways and creates new jobs. JA Macedonia is part of the Regional Operational Center in Europe – JA Europe http://www.jaeurope.org/.


Our mission is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in the global economy, by developing and implementing programs for entrepreneurial education and building partnerships between businesses and schools.


Inspired, active young people who apply innovative approaches and techniques in their school activities. To create a generation of young people, ready to face all challenges that the future workplace may give.


  • To prepare the young people for achieving success in global economy;
  • To help students to develop their skills such as teams work, leadership, presenting, planning and financial literacy,
  • To enable students to take responsibility for the success of their own company,
  • To encourage them to participate in workshops, innovation camps and trade fairs.
  • Reduce poverty, improve living standards, and increase and spread the wealth in the country.


  • Improving youth’s employment readiness, entrepreneurship skills, and financial literacy level;
  • Promotion of entrepreneurial and financial and economic literacy in different high schools in Macedonia
  • Developing partnerships with private sector and other educational organizations in order to spread the knowledge of entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and workforce readiness;
  • Raising civic awareness;
  • Encouragement of philanthropic, entrepreneurial, and volunteering activities.

JA worldwide is the world’s oldest and largest non-profit organization devoted to promoting an understanding of the principles and values of entrepreneurship and the free market system by building partnerships between business, educational and governmental sectors. Junior Achievement programs are recognized by the European Commission as the best practice in entrepreneurial education.

Junior Achievement’s activities annually unite over 10 million students, 400,000 business volunteers/mentors, and 123 countries around the world.

We believe in the boundless potential of young people.