Student Company MP Settings cares about cyclists’ safety

Posted on: 10.08.2023

By utilizing the knowledge gained within the Company program and during classes, the student company MP Settings offers a solution for all cyclists.

Being a participant in traffic as a cyclist requires responsibility, attention, and respect for the traffic signals. Traffic accidents are becoming more common, and cyclists usually utilize the old method of using hand signals.

A team of students from the vocational high school Mihajlo Pupin from Skopje was determined to find a solution to this problem and at the same time applied the knowledge gained by their school education.
“I often ride a bike and the misunderstandings that happen due to the lack of signaling are really common. That’s why our Student Company MP Settings came up with an innovative solution for greater safety of cyclists in traffic – electronic signaling with a display that is placed on the back of the bicycle.” – explains in his own words Fidan Madzoski.

“Our device is composed of 3 boxes, the central box where the battery is located, the box with the circuit board containing the switch, and a box with a joystick for giving commands that are displayed at the back of the bike.” – continues Nikola Atanasovski.

The student company was part of the National student company competition in 2022 and Stefana Hristovska, the teacher mentor reflects on the hard work her students did during the implementation of the Company program. “A good team is half the work. Additionally, with guidance and research during the school year, we managed to come up with a solution to a problem that affects many people. I am honored to have worked with such talented and ambitious students, and I hope that we will continue working on many other interesting ideas within the student companies in the following years.”

When talking about the future, the student company’s team is very excited to be taking the next step in their development. Dijana Boshkoska, the marketing manager points out: “We believe that we can expand and we see our product also being used for wheelchairs and electronic scooters, and possibly even by machines and vehicles in the agricultural sector. We are a winning team. Happy and excited with the previous work and achieved results, we are ready for new challenges!”