JA activities prepare high school students for the future 

Posted on: 10.08.2023

Jovana Sekova, student from high school “Dimitrija Chupovski” from Veles, reflects on her experience with the JA program and activities.

Jovana Sekova, student in the vocational high school “Dimitrija Chupovski” in Veles, has been involved in the JA student Company program since the academic year 2021/2022. After being part of the Best Student Company of the Year National Competition in May 2022, she was looking for further trainings and competitions that JA offers. Opportunity arrived sooner than expected. Jovana had a chance to be part of the training for students and teachers for enhancing entrepreneurial skills – “From idea to successful business”, held in Ohrid in August 2022:  

I have participated in several JA activities, each with special importance and different experience. The training held in Ohrid this year, “From idea to business” was special, because it involved many students from all over the country, and was very instructive and full of exercises and team activities. The good organization allowed us to learn a lot and improve many necessary skills for the future.” – she explains. 

Jovana also points out that this training for her was like a second chance: “After the national competition, my teammates discussed what we could have done better in order to win, how to better present ourselves and our student company in front of the jury and how to further develop our business idea. Coming to this training, I realized that the trainers could answer most of these questions! From extensive workshops on pitching a business idea in front of investors and how to develop soft skills, to opportunities for financial support, this training was the answer to all our previous questions. We even got a chance to explore our future career options!”    

Apart from the working activities, the four-day training provided a once in a lifetime opportunity for networking and making new friends: “ I gained many friends which made those four days even more exciting. I have made long-term friendships with students from other schools and cities that I believe will continue to be part of my life and the future.”