Junior Achievement Macedonia Alumni Kick-off event

Posted on: 09.03.2020

More than 20 young people were present at the Junior Achievement Macedonia Alumni promotional event, which took place on 9th of March at the premises of “Mladi Hub” and were introduced to news related to establishment of alumni club.  The young people had an opportunity to hear stories from active members and their experiences with JAM during and after their participation in the programs. The speakers at the event (teachers, students and JA representatives) have been invited to share experiences and their point of view on the effects of the JAM Program on the students.

The goal of Junior Achievement Macedonia Alumni is to bring together individuals -former participants in JAM Programs on how to continue to be involved in JAM activities becoming active members and to enable them to continue developing their entrepreneurial skills and competencies. Through this alumni organization, we want to give all previous participants a chance to get to know each other better, share ideas and even find partners for their future business ideas, not only with young people in Macedonia, but around the world.

If you are interested about our club you can visit:



Thanks to MladiHub for proving us with the space, as well as to Kozuvcanka and Vincinni for supporting this event!