NGO Eco-team is Montenegrin non-government organization, founded in 2018.  

Eco-team mission’s is improving the environmental condition, and building a future where people will live in harmony with nature by the protecting of the biological diversity, ensuring the usage of natural resources be sustainable, as well as, promotion of reduction of irrational consumption, while our goal is the environmental protection, preservation, and sustainable usage of natural resources. 

Our field of work is divided into two programs: protection of fresh water and energy and climate change. 

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WWF is an independent conservation organization active in nearly 100 countries, working to sustain the natural world for the benefit of people and wildlife.    

WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of the earth’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature by:

  • conserving the world’s biological diversity
  • ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable
  • promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption.

WWF has been active in Bulgaria since the early 90s, but WWF Bulgaria was registered as an organization in 2006.

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Bulgarian Youth Forum

Bulgarian Youth Forum was launched as a student club in 2007. The goals of the organization is to help the youth in one of the poorest regions in the country. Some of their priorities include: – Establishment and facilitation of socially beneficial activities, having a direct and indirect impact on developing the youth potential. – Helping the youth in their efforts to formulate a complete, long-term and sustainable vision for the development of young people in Bulgaria. – Development of unpopular tourist destinations in Bulgaria and popularization of Bulgarian historical and cultural heritage among the young people. Bulgarian Youth Forum has partner projects abroad. The organization is seeking to strengthen its international contacts and to enable more young people to travel and gain experience which would help them in the realization of their own ideas and projects in Bulgaria. These activities are part of the Bulgarian Youth Forum’s initiative to help the development of young leaders who can be a “generator” of innovative ideas and approaches to youth development. Since late 2012 Bulgarian Youth Forum is officially a basic institution of the Faculty of Education at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. Experts from the association organize and carry out the pre-diploma practice of the students from the Faculty of Education.


Пакомак е непрофитна компанија чија дејност е управување со отпадот од пакување. Од јануари 2011 е првата компанија во земјава што поседува дозвола за селекција и преработка на отпад од амбалажи. Главна цел на компанијата е да изгради долготрајна и цврста соработка со своите клиенти и со државата и согласно со европските регулативи – да го минимизира негативното влијание на амбалажниот отпад врз животната средина, да промовира одговорен однос на компаниите кон амбалажниот отпад, овозможувајќи со тоа поквалитетен живот за сите. Пакомак е и единствена компанија која поседува лиценца за употреба на финансиски симбол “Green Dot”  кој означува дека за пакувањето е платен надомест за постапување со отпадот по употребата.


Vincini is one of the major brands of Makprogres DOO Vinica. Founded in 1990 as a small family business, today it is a giant player in the field of confectionery and bakery industry, not only in Macedonia but also in the region. Today, Makprogres is a serious company employing over 300 employees. Makprogres is one of the few companies in Macedonia, with the proven quality of its products successfully competing at the highly competitive markets in over forty countries worldwide.

Kozuvchanka DOO Kavadraci

Kozuvchanka DOO Kavadarci is a private company established in 1995. This company with its 20 years of tradition in production of water and soft drinks is one of the fastest growing production companies in Macedonia and with over 100 employees is characterized as a company that cares about society and its quality of life. With more than 20 distributors and excellent coverage throughout the country, products of Kozhuvchanka are available for everyone.

Агенција за поддршка на претприемништвото на Република Северна Македонија

Агенцијата за поддршка на претприемништвото на Република Македонија (АППРМ) е државна институција основана со цел спроведување на Владините политики за малите и средни претпријатија и други сродни проекти / програми донесени од страна на Владата за поддршка на претприемништвото, конкурентноста и иновативноста.

Агенцијата го поддржува одржливиот економски развој, регионалниот развој и зголемувањето на вработеноста, поддршката на македонските претпријатија за започнување нов бизнис, нивниот раст и развој и постигнување на технолошко ниво за покомпетентен настап на   меѓународниот пазар.

Bregal DOO Delcevo

Bregal DOO Delcevo is a wholesale company founded in 2005 in Delchevo. Today Bregal offers services and products throughout the country. Import, wholesale and distribution of quality products is the main goal of the company and their main objective is the customer satisfaction.

Sparkasse Bank AD Skopje

Како вистински експерт во областа на финансиите Шпаркасе Банка Македонија АД Скопје овозможува широка понуда на банкарски производи и услуги наменети за поддршка, развој, финансирање на физички и правни лица. Клиентски ориентирана, Банката е присутна на македонскиот финансиски пазар со 20-годишна традиција и искуство во банкарскиот сектор.

Steiermärkische Sparkasse is one of the most powerful banking groups in the region of Southeast Europe, which, with its presence in the Western Balkan countries, provides access to banking services for Austrian and regional companies as well as strong economic connectivity and stability throughout the region. Sparkasse Bank Makedonija, having the support of the large financial group, is a trusted partner for its clients in the Republic of Macedonia. is the latest web portal which main goal is to promote innovation as a business concept in Macedonian economy. Companies that innovate in new products, new technologies, new brands, new markets etc. are going to be our primary target as well as all the institutions and different programs in Macedonia that could support their innovative projects. In ours special interest are new EU programs that are mainly focused on research and innovation as the only way to improve competitiveness. Macedonian companies are hungry for that kind of information and that is- proved by the fact that the article about EU funds was the most popular in the first days of launching this web portal. е нов портал чијашто цел е објавување квалитетна содржина фокусирана на теми за пари, бизнис и лични финанси, како и на анализи поврзани со банки, осигурителни компании, пензиски и инвестициски фондови и нивните финансиски производи. постира финансиски совети за личен развој кои даваат мотивација за унапредување на вештините за управување со личните финансии. Порталот има за цел финансиски да ги едуцира читателите за тоа како да направат подобар избор и да донесат здрави финансиски одлуки.

Business Academy Smilevski

Business academy Smilevski is a high vocational school founded in 2007. BAS is the only higher education institution in Macedonia with an accredited program for professional studies in Operational Management. Future supervisors, chiefs and supervisors / supervisors have the opportunity to gain a proper professional higher education.

The Academy offers a unique professional diploma in these areas – a graduate operational manager, with the possibility of choosing one of the carefully selected sub-fields according to the most sought-after professions in the country.


Konekt is a Macedonian civic association established in June 2008 by a few enthusiasts who believe that Macedonia has a potential to grow while relying on local resources and capacities.

Konekt’s mission is to stimulate and promote the private donation and social responsibility aimed at effective and long-term development of Macedonia. Konekt strives to become the key tool for connecting the donors with the civil sector by creating positive impact on the society. It also enables the constituents to implement their visions related to the changes they want to see in their communities.

University American College Skopje

University American College Skopje is the only internationally accredited University in the Republic of Macedonia. As a higher education institution, UACS strive to provide top notch education, by emphasizing quality and individual attention in their undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

UACS strongly supports: Participant-Centered Learning; Learning through practice; Internship; Visiting lectures by distinguished professionals; Teaching that links students closer to real life situations.

CES Center for Educational Services

Training Center CES is a leader in (non) formal education in Macedonia, which over 18 years, with great success, promotes and develops the concept of lifelong learning and promotion of the quality of cultural life in the city and the region.

CES’s mission is to improve the quality of life of citizens through promotion and realization of the concept of lifelong learning, creation and implementation of innovative program contents, prequalifications and additional qualifications according to the needs of the labor market.

The Organization of Employers of Macedonia

The Organization of Employers of Macedonia (OEM) consists of more than 15 industries, employing nearly 70,000 workers in 1,012 enterprises from the private sector in the country.  The involvement of OEM relates to topics related to employer education, infrastructure, social responsibility, safety and health at work, labour and social legislation, taxation, investment, penal policy, crediting.

University of Tourism and Management – Skopje

UTMS aims is to provide quality in education, equal to those of the best schools in Europe and all over the world, where students are prepared to successfully incorporate themselves in the highly competitive and ever-changing business market.

 University of Tourism and Management according to the methodology that practiced acquiring knowledge, skills and competencies, is synonymous for the highest standards and requirements to maintain quality, which provides a place among the universities that are leaders in the field of higher education in Europe and in world. As a affiliate members of the World Tourism Organization, (UNWTO) University of Tourism and Management Skopje, constantly is working to develop regional and international cooperation with universities and related organizations in the field of scientific disciplines that are studied in this university.

Univerzitet za turizam i menadzment –

GDi Skopje

Innovative and award winning provider of applied technology solutions, with over 30 years of successful growth and over 1,000 customers.

GDi’s proven, industry focused business process software and data solutions operate on world leading technology platforms and are complemented by a full range of related professional services, training and on-going long-term support. This includes maintenance, operations and system change management.

GDi are particularly well known for leadership in the field of Operations Support Systems (OSS), Decision Support Systems (DSS), Cloud Computing and Geoinformation Systems (GIS), for both the commercial and public market segments.  Today, the main focus of GDI’s products is on intelligent assets, intelligent operations, intelligent resources, smart data and smart platforms.

GDI Skopje-

ITD Distribution Macedonia

ITD Distribution Macedonia has started operating in the Macedonian market since 2007 as InfoSoft Systems LLC, Macedonia. In 2010 the company’s name has changed to ITD Distribution LLC, Macedonia.

The company is authorized distributor of DELL, IBM, HP, Lenovo, ADATA, Gygabyte, TP-link Genius, Winstar, Cooler master, Futjutu, Spire, Power Tree, ION, UNI-1, Fabriano, MURATLI Karton, Lepenka and also many other products from many other global prestigious companies.The company also deals with distribution of IT products and distribution of Paper and Graphic products.

During this decade of business with distribution ITD Distribution achieved the fastest growth not only for InfoSoft Group, but also for eastern European region.

ITD Distribution Macedonia –


Sofa Studio is private company founded in 2007.The main activity of the company is the production of high quality upholstered furniture with modern design. The main objective of the company is to designing and decorating homes and office premises. The custom made products are tailor made according the clients’ desires and needs. Providing good quality products with competitive prices, high production control of the finished product “Sofa Studio” has imposed the market as a serious company.

ul.42 br.3 Radisani 1000 Skopje R. Macedonija

tel. 00389 2 3212708

mob. 00389 75 281514

Alliance of Microfinance Organization (MFO)

MFO mission is to contribute in creating a society in which sustainable microfinance sector will deliver adequate financial and non-financial services to reduce poverty through the promotion of entrepreneurship and development of micro and small businesses and others who have difficulties to access to financial services. MFO supports start-up entrepreneurs, micro and small enterprises, as well as all others who have difficulties to access to financial services. MFO is based on the following values: entrepreneurship, participation, partnership, accountability and transparency, sustainability and equal opportunities.