“Panda Labs Junior for Just Transition” – Delivering the training program for university students and building our stakeholder network

Posted on: 23.03.2022

The Junior Achievement Macedonia Team, as part of the “Panda Labs Junior for Just Transition” project, organized a promotional and networking event for students from St. Climent Ohridski and the International Slavic University, both located in the coal region of Bitola.

On the 23rd of March, students had the opportunity to hear about the “Panda Labs Junior for Just Transition” project, how they can attend the training program and take part in the forthcoming activities, the timeline, and the way they can get knowledge and skills to become the future generation of young green entrepreneurs, actively participating in the just transition process of their community.

This project will empower young people to TAKE THE FUTURE IN THEIR OWN HANDS, participate in policy advocacy and get more involved through the tools their local government provides.

The event was attended by representatives od the Municipality of Bitola, as well as an Officer for Youth, member of the Municipality’s Youth Assembly and academic professor, who presented their role and work in the community and the possibilities and opportunities for young people in the region. With signing a Memorandum of Understanding, Municipality of Bitola is actively supporting our project activities.