Promotion of the project “Panda Labs Junior for Just Transition” in the coal region Bitola

Posted on: 07.03.2022

The Junior Achievement Macedonia team met with the Mayor, Dr. Toni Konjanovski and representatives of the Municipality of Bitola and signed a Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation and mutual promotion and support in the implementation of project activities in high schools and universities in the Bitola region.

After the presentation of the project, the municipality expressed interest in participating in events, workshops and competitions, as well as the conference organized with partners WWF Bulgaria, WWF Adria Serbia, Junior Achievement Bulgaria and Eco-Team from Montenegro, in the second year of the project.

“Panda Labs Junior for Just Transition” was also presented to high school teachers from Bitola, including high schools Gjorgji Naumov, Dr. Jovan Kalauzi, Jane Sandanski, Josip Broz – Tito and Taki Daskalo, who shared their great enthusiasm for involvement in the project and the planned activities.