National Student Company Competition

Posted on: 18.05.2019

96 students accompanied with 21 teacher- mentors, coming from 14 high schools throughout the country, had the opportunity to present their companies, the knowledge they acquired throughout the process of forming and developing the company as well as preparing the company’s report and business plan, during the second “National Student Company Competition” organized by Junior Achievement Macedonia on 10th of May in Vero Center-Jumbo in Skopje.

„Medteh“- the student company from “Gjosho Vikentiev” high school in Kocani, took the first place on this year’s event.

  1. Ivan Danilov
  2. Dushko Manev
  3. Fidan Stoimenov
  4. Nikola Andov

Teacher (student’s mentor): Igor Mitev

 “Medteh”, offered a product called Smart Pills Box with an investment of only 349 MKD. A box contains 7 compartments for each day of the week for on-time consumption of specific medicament at the exact hour of the day. Additional sub-compartments can be installed, according to the needs by the user, prescriptions. The product is offered in 3 editions and isn’t just some pill box, but a Smart Pill Box, able to solve the problem of forgetting to take the medicine in the appropriate time.

The second prize assigned to student company Beauty & Health from Berovo high school “Aco Ruskovski” in the composition:

  1. Elena Rushkovska
  2. Dushko Dvojakovski
  3. Mario Peovski
  4. Milan Tasevski
  5. Evgenija Kolovska

Teacher (student’s mentor): Cvetanka Peovska

Their company “Beauty & Health” offered products of 100% eco-friendly and healthy alternatives. From hot beverages which are part of everyday human consumption and some other aesthetic (cosmetic) and hygiene products.

Third place was given to the student company “ALTER” from high school “Vlado Tasevski” from Skopje in the composition:

  1. Damjan Stanchevski
  2. Maja Petreska
  3. Teodor Bogojevski
  4. Erika Asanova
  5. Filip Petrovski

Teacher (student’s mentor): Vesna Zhivaljevich

Their company “ALTER” offered creative product: an aluminium thermos for water or juice. The idea is initiated by the reduction or complete elimination of the use of plastic bottles by high school students and primary school students during their breaks while they are in school.

The student companies were judged by a 5 member jury in composition of:

  1. Mrs. Ljupka Naumovska – University of Tourism and management – Skopje
  2. Mr. Goran Spasovski – Center for Vocational Education and Training
  3. Mrs. Valentina Gocevska – Bureau for Development of Education
  4. Mr. Gjoko Vukanovski – Organization of Employers of Macedonia
  5. Mrs. Katerina Koneska  – Consultant for educational programs

The winning team will represent North Macedonia on JA Europe Company of the Year Competition that’s going to take place in Lille, France from 3-6 of July.

We give our special thanks tour partners and sponsors:

 ITD Distribution for awarding the first winning team with a Dell laptop,

GDi for awarding the second winning team with a Stemi hexapod robot

and University of Tourism and Management Skopje for providing scholarships for each of the students from the winning teams, as well as additional scholarships for every participant of the competition.

Junior Achievement Macedonia also thanks all the students and teachers that took part in the competition, appreciates  their hard work and dedication and is looking forward to future ventures and events, as well all the guests who supported our students.

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