JA Worldwide is a partnership between the business community, educators and volunteers — all working together to inspire young people to dream big and reach their potential. JA’s hands-on, experiential programs teach the key concepts of work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy to young people all over the world.

Some of Macedonia’s youth don’t have any connection with a business or a role model to inspire them to succeed in life – Junior Achievement Macedonia is filling this gap with your help!

You can help by taking an active role in preparing and inspiring the youth to become contributing members of society.


University of Tourism and Management – Skopje

UTMS aims is to provide quality in education, equal to those of the best schools in Europe and all over the world, where students are prepared to successfully incorporate themselves in the highly competitive and ever-changing business market.

 University of Tourism and Management according to the methodology that practiced acquiring knowledge, skills and competencies, is synonymous for the highest standards and requirements to maintain quality, which provides a place among the universities that are leaders in the field of higher education in Europe and in world. As a affiliate members of the World Tourism Organization, (UNWTO) University of Tourism and Management Skopje, constantly is working to develop regional and international cooperation with universities and related organizations in the field of scientific disciplines that are studied in this university.

Univerzitet za turizam i menadzment –

GDi Skopje

Innovative and award winning provider of applied technology solutions, with over 30 years of successful growth and over 1,000 customers.

GDi’s proven, industry focused business process software and data solutions operate on world leading technology platforms and are complemented by a full range of related professional services, training and on-going long-term support. This includes maintenance, operations and system change management.

GDi are particularly well known for leadership in the field of Operations Support Systems (OSS), Decision Support Systems (DSS), Cloud Computing and Geoinformation Systems (GIS), for both the commercial and public market segments.  Today, the main focus of GDI’s products is on intelligent assets, intelligent operations, intelligent resources, smart data and smart platforms.

GDI Skopje-

ITD Distribution Macedonia

ITD Distribution Macedonia has started operating in the Macedonian market since 2007 as InfoSoft Systems LLC, Macedonia. In 2010 the company’s name has changed to ITD Distribution LLC, Macedonia.

The company is authorized distributor of DELL, IBM, HP, Lenovo, ADATA, Gygabyte, TP-link Genius, Winstar, Cooler master, Futjutu, Spire, Power Tree, ION, UNI-1, Fabriano, MURATLI Karton, Lepenka and also many other products from many other global prestigious companies.The company also deals with distribution of IT products and distribution of Paper and Graphic products.

During this decade of business with distribution ITD Distribution achieved the fastest growth not only for InfoSoft Group, but also for eastern European region.

ITD Distribution Macedonia –


Sofa Studio is private company founded in 2007.The main activity of the company is the production of high quality upholstered furniture with modern design. The main objective of the company is to designing and decorating homes and office premises. The custom made products are tailor made according the clients’ desires and needs. Providing good quality products with competitive prices, high production control of the finished product “Sofa Studio” has imposed the market as a serious company.

ul.42 br.3 Radisani 1000 Skopje R. Macedonija

tel. 00389 2 3212708

mob. 00389 75 281514

Alliance of Microfinance Organization (MFO)

MFO mission is to contribute in creating a society in which sustainable microfinance sector will deliver adequate financial and non-financial services to reduce poverty through the promotion of entrepreneurship and development of micro and small businesses and others who have difficulties to access to financial services. MFO supports start-up entrepreneurs, micro and small enterprises, as well as all others who have difficulties to access to financial services. MFO is based on the following values: entrepreneurship, participation, partnership, accountability and transparency, sustainability and equal opportunities.

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