Innovation camp

The JA Innovation Camp is an intense experience for the students!

JA Innovation Camp is a first-hand experience of how to move from theory to practice. It can last up to 24 hours. This is a creativity exercise where students learn teamwork, how to turn their ideas into action and how to agree on a final concept. Each camp is designed around a specific and real industry or sector (linked to high growth potential sectors such as green industries, agriculture, information and communications technology (ICT) and tech related businesses, tourism and the creative industries)..

Students are asked to come up with solutions to the problem. Students need to move deep

into the issue, learn about the industry and the current state-of-play, even considering products or services which may already exist (in competition with what they may want to propose). They have access to adult mentors who are experienced in the chosen sector.

The team members may not know each other and will have to adapt to each other quickly and find

out how to work together most efficiently. The students are split up into teams of between four and eight and “launched” into the problem-solving phase. Students divide the different tasks among themselves while making use of the individual strengths of everyone while further developing their interpersonal skills.

JA Macedonia  will use an opportunity to collaborate with businesses and organizations working in high potential sectors/industries for the local economies such as green energy, ICT, agriculture, tourism, creative industries,  in outlying areas of each municipality rather than in the capital city.

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