Teacher’s training

The key drivers of sustainability are quality teacher training and partnerships with education authorities and government in particular.

Teachers who are interested to realize JA Company program in their school have to complete a specific educational training.

Training consists of several modules, that are divided into period of max. 12 months. It is possible to start realizing the program in school after the introductory methodological training of the program. The rest of the modules teachers take during the current school year.

For first time teachers, there will be an initial training of two days followed by a follow-up/networking workshop midyear and then a third session at the beginning of the next school year. Selected existing teachers will participate in the networking workshop and the initial trainings.

Teacher Training in Struga

Hotel Drim, Struga 06-07.10.2018 was the place where 37 teachers coming from 13 High schools from the region (Skopje, Gostivar, Prilep, Kichevo, Resen, Ohrid, Kavadarci, Berovo, Kochani, Pehchevo, Debar, Struga) were trained on Junior Achievement Company Program.

The two-day training was full of information and content that contributes to better teacher preparation for understanding the concept of entrepreneurial education and how to use in teaching.

The aim was to encourage teachers to try, get out of the formal framework of theorists, experiment and share additional methods and techniques that will be used it for lectures or for implementation of educational and scientific projects.

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