Training for Teachers 15,16-19 October on the topic of Social Entrepreneurship

Posted on: 23/10/2020

24 teachers from 18 high schools from the region of Skopje, Ohrid, Makedonski Brod, Prilep, Gostivar, Kumanovo, Kochani, Valandovo, Tetovo, Gevgelija and Kavadarci were given 3 days training in Company Program with a focus on Social Entrepreneurship with trainer Elena Hadji Pecova.
The content of the 1st day session was the Basic terminology of social entrepreneurship and it’s issues, Social entrepreneur profiles, Legal forms of social enterprise, Development of social entrepreneurship at the local level, Student-led social enterprise concept, methods to include social entrepreneurship in the school activities / curriculum, ways of supporting student social enterprises and examples of student social enterprises – presented by the guest speakers Ms. Natalija Burgieva owner of social enterprise MAMA ORGANA. As good practise from the previous years, high school teacher Ms. Vesna Zhivaljevich shared her experience with the student company “Alter” and their social entrepreneurship example as a student company.  
The content of the 2nd day session was on the topics: Creative thinking (Design thinking), Measuring the impact and success indicators and examples of successful social enterprises (guest representative owner of social enterprise “Hotel for Pets” – Ms. Ilina Veljanovska)
At the 3rd day session the Social business model CANVAS, Social business model CANVAS and example of a CANVAS social business model matrix were presented. At the session guest representative from non-governmental organization “HOPS” Ms. Lidija Joreva shared her successful story with the teachers about the process of developing her idea on creating vertical gardens.