The Webinars dedicated to Entrepreneurship Education under the title “Accelerating uptake of Entrepreneurship education”

Posted on: 16/10/2020

The Webinars dedicated to Entrepreneurship Education under the title “Accelerating uptake of Entrepreneurship education” will be hosted by Junior Achievement Macedonia, on October 28-November4- November 11, 2020, within the USAID supported project “Supporting Entrepreneurship Education in Europe and Eurasia”. The Project is being implemented since February 2017 in a Consortium of JA Europe and its member countries: JA Albania, Ja Bulgaria, JA Georgia, JA Moldova, JA Macedonia, and Ja Serbia.

The 3 webinars will gather experts in entrepreneurship education, national policy-makers, government officials, educators, business and NGO representatives. The goal of the JA Macedonia webinars is to attract the public in our country on the importance of EE and that every young person should have at least one practical entrepreneurial experience before they leave school.

The Entrepreneurship Education Webinars take place in a very challenging time when the process of education is facing new reforms and changes more than ever.

  1. The first of the three modules, webinar on ENTREPRENEURSHIP EDUCATION AS A DRIVER OF THE ECONOMY will bring the concept of entrepreneurship closer to the listeners, answering questions like what kind of staff do the companies need, how they can best organize their company.
  2. The second module on the topic ENTREPRENEURSHIP EDUCATION AS A WAY TO MODERNIZE TEACHING AND EDUCATION the panelists will discuss about the education and the teaching methodology in our country, more precisely what changes need to be made.
  3. The third module on the topic ENTREPRENEURSHIP EDUCATION EQUIPS YOUNG PEOPLE TO SUCCEED IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY -What’s the story with the education in the neighboring countries? Regional initiatives, youth mobility. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about regional experiences, cross-border cooperation.

It is the right time to stress the need to increase the quantity, quality and impact of entrepreneurship education in our country in the coming years.

The participants could join us on 28 October, 4 November and 11 November 2020 at 11.00 to hear updates on a variety of topics relevant to the Entrepreneurship education.

During the sessions/webinars, each of the topics will be promoted on social media, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, each webinar will be recorded and the video will be available to attendees who will have the opportunity to share and learn new experiences, as well as hear Success stories from our partner organizations in the region and experiences from the business sector, prominent entrepreneurs and managers.

Anyone is eligible to attend, but it will need to register in advance, using the registration form. The webinar is offered free of charge, anyone interested will receive a link to participate in the sessions. The link to the recorded material would be shared with the participants over JA Macedonia you tube channel.